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“I wonder if there is an exact moment
When I gave up the idea of permanence.”

The Scent of a Thousand Rains by Damon Falke is a love story. A man finds himself alone in an apartment in Budapest. He peers from the window to discover a woman standing on her balcony. Their unlikely connection sends him on a journey through his memories to reckon with the places and people that have ordered his life. A literary exploration of a life lived in pursuit, the book-length poem suggests that in a life of transience and loss, love and imagination are the only things that remain to us and of us.

The Scent of a Thousand Rains premiered as a theatre production, adapted for the stage and directed by Charles M Pepiton. It was a performance in verse for an actor and a violinist. The music for the production was composed and arranged by Tana Bachman-Bland.

Laura, or Scenes from a Common World, is a  5-part, long poem by Damon Falke.

In English & Norwegian, translated by Martin Egeberg

The poem was the basis for Square Top Theatre’s 2016 award winning film of the same title.

Read more about the film here:

Laura explores one woman’s struggle to make herself at home in the world. Her struggle begins as a common one. A boy has left her. In losing him, she becomes less sure of the roles other people play in her self-creation. She seeks security in isolation only to find that landscape, community, and physical embodiment all ground who we are in ways she cannot escape.

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